Friday, May 22, 2009

Breaking News: Steroids Causes Reporters Brains To Shrink

Last Friday's Chicago Sun-Times column by Rick Telander was another reminder that the pathetic state of journalism includes the sports department. Chicago Cubs infielder Ryan Theriot has hit 5 home runs in 2009 through mid-May after hitting a total of 7 in his first two-and-a-half seasons. So, Telander has concluded that Theriot must be put on the suspicion list for performance enhancing drugs. There must be something in the water in Chicago that creates such tortured logic.

Maybe we should question former Oakland A's shortstop Bert Campaneris about his 1970 season when he hit 22 home runs. Campy had a total of 24 in his first 6 seasons including 2 the year before his 22-jack outburst. He never again hit more than 8. Bert Campaneris was a juicer! What more evidence do you need?

How about Hall of Famer Rod Carew? He hit a total of 11 home runs between 1971-1974 and then hit 14 in 1975, 9 in 1976, and 14 more in 1977. He didn't hit more than 5 in any of the next 8 seasons. Something funny had to be going on between 1975-1977. Frankly, Carew should probably be removed from the Hall of Fame!

I have a suggestion for Rick Telander and anyone else who now thinks they a baseball game is about as honest as a Vince McMahon production: stop watching. Really, just stop. Baseball is still a great game and will continue to be. Yes, some of the better players in the recent era of the game are suspect. But, the overwhelming majority are great athletes living the dream. Just enjoy.

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