Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Visit From The "Nonpartisan" (Wink, Wink) Virginia Organizing Project

The UPS man had already made his evening visit, so I had no idea who was ringing my doorbell earlier this evening. I opened the door and saw a cute, young girl who wanted to ask a few questions for a nonpartisan political survey. Of course, I said "absolutely." The first question: "what do you think is the most important issue in your community?" I gave job creation as an answer. Economic growth is always near the top of the list. Then, she asked on a scale of 1-5, how important is healthcare reform. I already smelled a rat, so I asked a couple questions to clarify but she stayed on her "nonpartisan" script. I gave it a "2" as there are problems that need to be addressed, but I figured she was fishing for universal health care. The third question was to rate on a scale of 1-5 how important it is for government to address global climate change. This, of course, was a "1." The young lady quickly stuck a booklet in my hand and scurried off to the next house.

Being the curious citizen that I am, I started to look through the book and, surprise, it appeared that all of the groups affiliated with this "project" reside firmly on the far Left. So, I watched for the young lady and the other girl who was with her to return up the street. When they passed my house, I asked them if they could tell me who sponsors their survey project. They said they were trained to say "private donations." I asked several different questions to try to find out more about their sponsors and they refused to give a full answer though they did supply a business card for an individual whom I will try to contact tomorrow. They would repeat they were "trained" to respond in certain ways. Uh huh.

It turns out they are a part of a group called the Virginia Organizing Project. It appears to be a "community organizing" (i.e., Leftist) association that works in league with a number of socialist to radical groups. The VOP's 2009 Voter Guide to the Virginia Election is touted as "non-partisan" because it does not mention specific candidates. The rogues gallery that makes up the VOP's Virginia c-3 Table conglomerate makes their Leftist goals quite clear.

Along with the Virginia Organizing Project, the other members of the Virginia c-3 Table that are cited include:
ACLU Of Virginia
Advancement Project
Boat People SOS
Central Virginia APRI
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Clean Water Fund
Democracy South
Equality Virginia Education Fund
Environment Virginia Policy and Research Center
Fair Elections Legal Network
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Project Vote
Tenants and Workers United
Virginia AFL-CIO
Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants
Virginia Conservation Network
Virginia Education Association
Virginia Interfaith Center For Public Policy
Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
Virginia Organizing Project
Virginia Poverty Law Center
Virginia Sierra Club
Voice of Vietnamese Americans
Women's Voice, Women's Vote
Working America

Quite a collection. Saul Alinsky would be proud. All of the groups on the list range somewhere between Leftists to radical to socialist. It is interesting how many of these organizations claim to be "nonpartisan" in their approach. Even with the Maine girls, you won't find Republicans being endorsed or supported by any of these groups. However, you can bet plenty of Democrats received support from these groups.

My biggest gripe is their lack of honesty. This organization trains young people to go door-to-door pretending to be taking a survey, rather than admitting that they are passing out literature sponsored by far Left organizations. Why not be truthful? They are a coalition of advocacy groups. So why the masquerade? I told the young ladies with whom I spoke that I was concerned their handlers were being dishonest with them. In other words, I humored their claim that they don't really know who is backing their project. They know what they are doing. Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" encourages subterfuge as a way to mask the true goals of the "progressive."

Why is the ACLU concerned with universal health care and global warming? Or is it global climate change since all evidence shows we are in cooling mode? They were not concerned with media attacks and Ohio state government intrusions into the life of one "Joe the Plumber" last fall. I thought the ACLU focused on individuals being deprived of their civil liberties. Or could it be they are just another reliable branch for all things Leftist?

The Virginia Poverty Law Center is a division of the Southern Poverty Law Center which lumps those who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens (you know, that 80% of the population) with Skinheads and Neo-Nazis. Yeah, they are as nonpartisan as it gets.

This cozy little coalition includes the Virginia AFL-CIO. If the problems of the former Big Three automakers have not exposed the long-term damage rendered by excessive union power, then look no further than the Orwellian "Employee Free Choice Act" that is being pursued in order to ensure that employers will no longer be protected by a secret ballot in union votes. How radical is this idea? Even George McGovern has called for the defeat of this as an attack on the personal liberties of workers.

The Fair Elections Legal Network is a product of the Left's official position that if Democrats lose an election, it has to be fraudulent: From their website:

The Presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 exposed serious problems with state election procedures that make voting significantly more difficult for poor, minority and young voters. The Fair Elections Legal Network (FELN)is
uniquely positioned to respond to these problems by virtue of the combined
participation of experienced private,nonpartisan, voter participation mobilization and nonprofit advocacy group lawyers working to increase voter participation.

Translated: George W. Bush won, so we need to make sure that everyone votes (multiple times if possible) whether they are qualified or not. The notion that voting is difficult is a red herring. However, the American Moonbat feeds on red herring.

Of course, the best connection is that of Project Vote. Yes, the Project Vote that is the voter registration arm of ACORN and that is under investigation in a number of states for illegal voter registrations. Didn't somebody named Barack Hussein Obama once work for ACORN? And didn't his campaign use Project Vote for "get out the vote" drives? Hmmm, I'm sure its all a coincidence.

So, if a fresh faced young'un knocks on your door and wants to administer a three question survey for a "nonpartisan" organization. Just smile and answer the questions, but do let them know that they are not fooling anyone. Of course you might ask why, if their goals are legitimate and good for America, are they so tight-lipped?


  1. Yeah, they came to my house, but I wasn't home. They left their toilet papers on my porch. Wish I'd been home. I REALLY wanted to talk to them! I could leave them shaking and in tears. ANY time I see "DEMAND....NOW", "social and economic justice", or, even "nonpartisan", etc. I KNOW they ain't any of the above. All the rhetoric is straight out of Alinsky's drivel and the American Communist Party. You are correct about the ACORN connection.

  2. the many tentacles from the ACORN octopus. OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! THIS sucks.

  3. The Virginia Organizing Project has been on TV 6 WTVR here in Richmond a LOT lately. They have a small protest they get almost 5 minutes of coverage including multiple interviews every half hour.
    Liberty groups who turned out 10 times as large or more for lobby day were mentioned in passing or even ignored totally.
    Today, they are even having an INTERVIEW with someone from the Virginia Organizing Project to discuss health care reform.

    These Alinski-ites just do not quit even in the face of electoral defeat. No wonder they get money from the radical Tides foundation. But the complicity of WTVR in fronting this socialist anti capitalist message is troubling.