Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arnold's Economic Solution: The Great California Garage Sale

The People's Republik of Kalifornia has devised and utilized every possible tax scheme known to man and still the Golden State is an insolvent mess that has become America's Edsel. Now, that taxation and regulation have proven ineffective ways to build the economy (who woulda thunk it?), the Governator is going old school and having a garage sale. Not only that, but some of the better items will go on eBay and Craigslist including cars with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph on the visor (no, seriously).

Following through on his promise to eliminate waste in state government, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced that the Department of General Services has posted several surplus items - some signed by the Governor - for sale on eBay and Craigslist in preparation for the Great California Garage Sale.

“By posting items online, Californians and people from other states and around the world can participate in the Great California Garage Sale,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “This is a win-win for the state and for shoppers. Together we are eliminating waste and providing great deals in this tough economy. I encourage everyone to log on or attend this great event.”

I checked out the list of items for sale and found 8 bracelets, 22 calculators, 23 chair mats, 46 drill bits, 508 miscellaneous chairs and a money clip. However, nowhere among the burdens being lifted from Kalifornia's shoulders did I see any useless bureaucrats or inefficient departments being sold off for the best offer. Maybe they will be up for auction in the next Great Kalifornia Garage Sale.

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