Friday, August 7, 2009

Black Patriot Beaten By Union Thugs--Is This What Obama Was Calling For?

President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama urged Leftists to "punch back twice as hard" when their fellow citizens dispute the legitimacy of nationalized health care. It seems the Socialist thugs are taking Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Comrade Obama to heart. Last night in St. Louis, a Real American who happened to be Black was beaten outside a town hall by SEIU punks.

Will Obama go on the air and accuse the SEIU of acting "stupidly?" Will Je$$e Jackson and Al Sharptongue descend on St. Louis and lead marches against union thuggery for this attack on a Black man exercising free speech? Will the breathless talking heads in Big Media decry the violence of this man being physically attacked for his political views? The answers are no, no and no.

The Heritage Foundation chronicles other abuses of Real Americans since Obama ordered his goons to crack down on dissent. It is apparent ObamAlinsky and his Brown Shirts will resort to any tactic to enact a takeover of American health care and much of the economy. They are using the White House and Big Media to castigate Real Americans for standing up for limited government and individual freedom. You see, we mere subjects of the elite ruling class are not to question their wisdom and authority. We are not to challenge their power.

Those of us who don't suffer from recto-cranial inversion saw this train coming for a year. "Change" was an amorphous word that meant nothing and everything. The White House is clear that they "interpret" their election victory as being an open mandate to do whatever the hell they feel like. There is no constitutional constraint. There is no tolerance for dissent. They ran on "change" and you will get "change" good and hard.

Mr. Obama, the violent acts occurring outside these meetings are on your hands. It is you who is personally attacking American citizens for daring to oppose your unconstitutional desires to take over the health care of Americans. You are the one who has called out goon squads to "get in the faces" of those who dissent.

For those dewey-eyed, unicorn riders who thought a "community organizer" was someone like the person who operates the food pantry at your Baptist church this is a lesson in reality. The world's most famous living community organizer is nothing more than a Chicago street punk who can now organize his thumb breakers from the Oval Office. He even has a Big Media industry that will twist the truth in order to support his agenda. Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx would be proud of their protege'.

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  1. it's funny, this whole tattle on your neighbor thing,considering it is the government itself that is responisble for the biggets lies and half truths.
    Does this sound familiar? "if you like you health plan... if you like your doctor, you get to keep them!"

    Except, of course, unless your explyer decides to change you plan, which an estimated third of all employers would choose to do.

    This fact is often glossed over.
    Maybe i should contact the hotline and report Obama for lying to me