Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Herr Obama's Brownshirt Hotline:

Are you kidding me? The President of the United States is so upset that Real America does not aspire to be Cuba or Canada that he has set up a web site to report those who dare dissent. You see, the hope and change of Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's Amerika is that this once proud country of Patriots has fully descended into a Balkanized collection of grievance groups demanding a piece of someone else's pie. From the looks of the polls and the outpouring of anger from Real America it seems ObamAlinsky and the rest of his Leftist thugs have misunderestimated the American people.

Some Americans are stupid enough to believe that a free lunch can be had while liberty is maintained. Of course, much of the ObamaNation doesn't give a whit about liberty and probably couldn't define it on their best day. Despite the inanity of the "yes we can" crowd who had no idea what they were saying "yes" to, it seems Real America doesn't want to turn its life over to the government. They understand that this is truly a life and death issue.

SWAC Girl writes about a letter sent to Everyone should take full advantage of der Fuhrer's demand to root out the dissenters. Send your own favorite article or link in which an ObamaBot lies about the health care plan. Heck, send him copies of his own inconsistent statements (some might call them lies) in regard to a government "option." Maybe he can discipline the Obama look-a-like who championed single payer and a desire to eliminate private health insurance.

Remember, when the Left and Big Media lost their marbles over the Patriot Act and were horrified that George W. Bush would use the cause of anti-terrorism to discover Aunt Sadie's chicken and dumplings recipe? Of course, there was no mass round-up of Leftist dissenters. Bush patiently answered the snippy and dishonest questions of Big Media and they did not fear retribution. Now, we have a President who attacks journalists, commentators and networks for not jumping on board the O-Train.

As funny as may seem on the surface as a desperate measure by a clownish phony, this is a scary proposition. Public debate is now something to be reported to the government. Those who disagree with ObamaCare and its draconian measures are to be turned in to the proper authorities. We have always assumed that the American Left is not as extreme as the socialist/communist movements that have wreaked havoc on the planet over the last century in the Soviet Union, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, etc. It may be time we take a more serious look at the motives and actions of the so-called Progressives. Dissent may now be dangerous.

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