Monday, August 10, 2009

Linda Douglas Helps You Identify The Angry Mobster In Your Neighborhood.

Ok, its really a blogger named Iowahawk at Breitbart's Big Hollywood, but his "Know Your Town Hall Agitators" piece is a spot on description of how the Leftist-Socialist elites see Real America. No American President has ever been this blatant in attempting to squash free political speech. Douglas was a Leftwing hack as a journalist, so it is appropriate she cut out the middle man and began collecting a paycheck from Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama. With the recent tirades by various Democrat congressmen, Big Media Obamatrons, Nancy Pelosi, and the Big B-O himself, this piece of satire could easily be mistaken as an actual press release from the Office of Anti-Amerikan Disinformation.

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