Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama's Health Care Special Interests Outspending Free Market Supporters

Among the many myths (lies?) being perpetrated by Statist Democrats in regard to the debate over nationalized health care is the canard that the opposition is being propped up by a vast rightwing conspiracy of special interests. However, even that noted "conservative" newspaper The New York Times reported that the supporters of ObamaCare or some other big government reform have outspent free marketeers by a five-to-one margin. According to the Old Gray Lady, pro-government reform forces have spent $47 million on advertising to the $9 million paid for by the defenders of the free market. That doesn't even count the in-kind contributions of Big Media's slobbering, unprofessional shill work for their party.


  1. Wow, now now those are some statistic, I was not aware that the health care takeover con-artists had overspent free marketeers to that degree. The fact that we have made such incredible inroads leads me to one truth.

    Ideas matter.

  2. Exactly, Rebel! The havoc that ordinary, but irritated American citizens have wreaked upon Obama and the congressional Democrats is truly remarkable when you consider the money and media power that they have overcome.