Thursday, August 6, 2009

Senator John Cornyn Calls On Herr Obama To Stop Intimidation Tactics

Texas Senator John Cornyn has sent a letter to President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama calling on him to cease his intimidation tactics against political opponents. Cornyn's letter is a response to the President of the United Socialist States of Amerika asking all loyal Brown Shirts to send any "fishy" opposition to his nationalized health care scheme to At best, Obama is reprising the worst of Richard Nixon and his well-known enemies list. At worst, we are witnessing an administration that plans to use fear and intimidation in the manner of a typical communist or fascist dictator.

Senator Cornyn is correct to challenge ObamAlinsky. The world's most famous living community organizer threatens those who organize in opposition to his fascist desires. As Obama called on his minions to turn in the dissenters he wrote a letter to his Democrat sycophants calling on them to "get in people's faces" to challenge folks on nationalized health care.

The fact that Obama feels he can openly attack the American people is frightening. Add in Big Media which is doing its best to hawk his message while savaging citizens who dare challenge the idea that government should control everything and we have the biggest threat to individual liberty since the 1790s. We can handle any foreign threat. However, the combination of ignorant people who do not value liberty and opportunistic Leftists who seek to apply their agenda through force is a call to Real Americans who value freedom and liberty. Our inalienable rights have never been more threatened.
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  1. Fuck you and all your fascist friends.

  2. I wonder if "anonymous" is actually Keith Olberman or Jeanine Garofalo? Same level of wit and intellect. The beauty of "Anonymous" and other Lefties is that they help make the case for Real America through their utter idiocy. Thank you, Anonymous!

  3. Remember, if you hated bush, you were a patriot. if you hate Obama, you are a racist. The brain of a liberal is simply hard-wired in hypocrasy mode.

    These leftist scumbags tell us on TV that these townhall "mobs" get nothing done, but if you aren't going to listen to the voices of sanity, then we must scream