Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sheila Jackson Lee's Fake Doctor Symbolic of Democrat Lies exposed Dr. Roxana Mayer, a medical authority in favor of health care reform, as just plain ol Roxana Mayer, Obama hack and fraud. Big Media in the form of The Houston Chronicle celebrated the credentials of the "doctor" as though her comment carried special weight. It turns out Mayer is a grad student in social work and an Obama delegate. After the original expose', Patterico conducted an email interview with Mayer.

Sheila Jackson Lee may be the dumbest woman in the Congress. In 2003, she asked if the Mars probe got pictures of the flag Neil Armstrong placed there. Just a few weeks ago, this half-wit called on the U.S. to pass an Equal Rights Amendment, so that American women would have the same guarantees as those in Rwanda, Afghanistan, and China. During the same meeting that produced the fake doctor, Queen LaSheila was caught talking on her cell phone while a constituent, a cancer-survivor, was speaking. Now, this arrogant waste of oxygen is claiming that video of her talking on her cell phone was doctored. Yep, the vast right wing conspiracy doctored the video.

Roxana Mayer is a true-believer and useful idiot for Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama and his velvet Marxist revolution. That begs the question: how many more phony endorsements for ObamaCare are out there? We know the Big B-O himself lied about the AARP endorsement. He lied about Georgia congressman Johnny Isakson's involvement in the death committee component of ObamaCare. The President continues to lie about individuals being able to keep their own health care if they are happy with it. He and his stooge Robert Gibbs lie about the polls. They lie about the Real Americans who don't want the government to control their lives from womb to tomb. I believe the allegations of death threats are lies (or at least greatly exaggerated).

The Sheila Jackson-Lee/phony doctor flap is symbolic of the entire Democratic posse's attempt to steal control of American health care. On one hand, they are comically stupid, dishonest, and inept. On the other, they have a large number of useful idiots who support them and they have the power to make your life miserable--and possible end it.

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