Monday, August 17, 2009

Canada Looks To Privatize Health Care While Obama Seeks To Nationalize

This really reflects what many of us have said along. President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama and the increasingly radical Leftist Democrats are hell-bent on condemning the United States to the type of health care system that has collapsed under its own weight throughout the world (not to mention the bankrupt Medicare program we are already supporting). In the rest of the world, socialist countries have discovered the dysfunction of nationalized medicine the hard way. Now, Canada is looking at free market solutions to the crisis of a broken system.

The tremendous irony in this entire debate is that Obama and the Left bleat on about how revolutionary their ideas are. They accuse opponents of standing in the way of progress. In truth, the Statist Democrats are pursuing policies that are already proven failures. Expanding government is not a new concept and certainly does not represent "hope" and "change." Just ask Canada.

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