Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Died? Mother Teresa of Calcutta or Ted Kennedy of Hyannis Port?

The all-Ted, all the time coverage is becoming sickening. Edward "Ted" Kennedy's death is a sad time for his friends and family. It is not a tragedy as he lived to age 77, slightly past average life expectancy.

The over-the-top Big Media coverage has passed disgraceful and is heading full steam for macabre. From listening to the dim-witted news readers, it would seem no American would possess a band-aid, a loaf or bread, or have a government school to send their children to without the incredible legislative talents of Ted Kennedy. He has single-handedly fed children, cured their chicken pox and taught them to read "My Two Daddies."

Bill Bennett said something to the effect of "I agree you should not speak ill of the dead, but you should not lie about them either." We are hearing what a wonderful statesman Kennedy was. We are told that he was a tough partisan, but never mean-spirited or vicious. Sorry, but tell that to Robert Bork. Tell that to Samuel Alito. Kennedy's most significant legacy is his role in assassinating the characters of good Conservative judges because of his radical Leftist ideology. Kennedy was the key player in turning any judicial nomination into a full-throttle attack on individuals who want to uphold the law rather than legislate from the bench. Sickening.

Kennedy was in the middle of the constant personal attacks on George W. Bush. He, like most of his party, was never satisfied to express a dissenting policy opinion. Teddy could never resist the urge to impugn the motives or the humanity of his political opponents. Honestly, I don't give a fig if he told jokes and yukked it up with Republicans in the cloak room. In order to advance his political ideology, he was willing to say and do anything.

Kennedy's hyper-partisanship was fully confirmed after the fall of the Soviet Union. It was discovered that Ted Kennedy negotiated with Soviet officials in an attempt to undermine President Ronald Reagan's Cold War policy and hopefully facilitate a Democrat victory in the 1984 election. In other words, Ted Kennedy was such a "great Patriot" that he tried to undermine his own country's foreign policy with its biggest enemy. This sort of behavior doesn't deserve medals. If anything, it deserves a rope (or whatever punishment traitors get these days).

Now, the Big Media jackals and soulless Democrat politicians are attempting to push their beloved nationalized health care scheme through in memory of Teddy. His dying wish was to force socialized medicine on all Americans and, by golly, it would be an insult to deny a dead man's desire. Can they be more cynical and opportunistic?

Last week, as Kennedy begged for a change in Massachusetts' laws for replacing a Senator, I predicted the behavior that would follow. Democrats and Big Media have been ghoulish in their naked attempts to turn the tide of the nationalized health care debate by attaching Kennedy's name to the bill. Republicans have bent over backwards to ignore Kennedy's history as a mean-spirited and dishonest partisan who consistently put party ahead of the Constitution. I fully expect that sleazy political hacks will turn a memorial service into an anti-Conservative hatefest a la the Paul Wellstone Memorial Service in 2002. Democrats behaved so contemptibly that Jesse Ventura was so disgusted he had to walk out.

Ted Kennedy is dead. Hopefully, he was right with God and is taking his place in heaven. However, he was who he was. Lying about his political behavior and his political tactics only cheapens his memory. Big Media and Leftists Democrats need to dial back and show a little class. Of course, that may be akin to asking a turtle to fly.

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  1. The fawning coverage of Kennedy is disgusting. The ratings for all the networks have been dismal because no one outside of the northeast or Washington even care. This guy was a partisan to the core which is the only thing I will give hin credit for.
    He was morally vacant and his redistribution policies and soical experimentation has been the ruin of many potentially great minds--saveo for the few that he singled out and just got lucky!
    As a Christian, I am sad to hear of his passing. But as a Conservative I could not be happier...
    Nutmeg State Conservative. My blog: