Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roanoke Tea Party Organizational Meeting Draws Close to 500 Patriots

I attended Tax Day and Independence Day Tea Parties in Roanoke and I've followed the developments of the local movement. When it was announced that the Roanoke Tea Party organization was going to hold a planning meeting on August 15, I set my calendar and figured I would run into another 50-60 like-minded folks. After all, this was a planning meeting not a protest rally. When my son and I arrived at the Roanoke Civic Center, we found ourselves in a crowd of approximately 500 patriots of all ages. Wow!

The leaders of the group are just regular folks who stood up and took the initiative to stop yelling at the television and do something to try to stop the ever-encroaching government from intruding further in our lives. There were retirees and young people. There were couples and singles. There were established businessmen and wide-eyed young entrepreneurs. No swastikas, pointy hoods or hateful symbols of any kind. Just regular people who understand that the long, slow march to socialism and dependence has picked up significant speed and it is time for Real Americans to fight back.

Without going into great detail, there is one thing everyone should understand: the Tea Party movement is about much more than rallies on special occasions and protests over certain issues. The principles on which this nation was founded are under attack and citizens are fed up and ready to do what it takes to roll back creeping statism. These are folks who will not put their faith in parties or politicians; instead, cherished and proven ideals will be the guide.

In his book Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin reminds us that the current state of our government and our culture did not happen over night. It has been a century or more of incremental attacks on America's underpinnings. We will not defeat statism with one rally or one defeated bill or one removed incumbent. The fight to restore America's heart and soul will require a steady and sustained effort by modern-day Patriots. If you are in southwest or central Virginia check out the Roanoke Tea Party and see where you can join the fight. If you are reading this from another part of the United States, go to the American Liberty Alliance or the Tea Party Patriots and look for a group of Real Americans in your area. America is worth fighting for and the time to start is now.

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