Monday, August 17, 2009

White House Gives Up Health Care Snitch Site

President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama has backed down on his "turn-in-your-neighbor" email address. The White House was skewered by the alternative media and Real Americans from sea to shining sea for asking Americans to report those who had actually read the House and Senate nationalized health care bills. Late last week, it was announced the Senate had taken out the "death panel" provisions that they had previously claimed were nonexistent. Over the weekend, talk began that the White House may be willing to forego the so-called "public option" in favor of co-ops that would be based on free market principles. Now, it seems they are admitting the folly of their "Big Brother" web site.

Patriots should not let these signs of wavering dupe them into believing the socialist ideologues in the White House and Congress have given in to Real Americans who have objected loudly and clearly to socialized medicine. This simply means they will have to be even sneakier. Keep up the pressure on Comrade Obama and the rest of the Leftist stormtroopers. They have been embarrassed, but they are not defeated. Yet.

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