Wednesday, August 19, 2009

President Obama To Fund Offshore Drilling--For Brazil!

While President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama waits for the fall to try to push his cap-and-tax energy bill through the Senate, the United States is set to lend $2 billion (as a start with more to come) to Brazil for off-shore oil exploration. That's right, the same administration that wants us to ride to work in cars that run on cotton candy and happy thoughts is willing to send billions to South America for oil discovery while he tells the American people to pound sand.

The Drill Brazil deal demonstrates the phony nature of the "global warming/global climate change" nonsense. First, if the Democrats are so concerned about the "menace" of "global climate change" then why are they sending billions to South America to discover and produce even more evil of the fossil fuels that are destroying Mother Earth? On the other hand, if Brazil drilling for oil will not cause the planet to explode why not allow private American companies develop the rich resources below the ocean's floor off the American coastline? Is there something about American-produced oil that is inherently more evil than oil pumped by Brazilians?

When the cap-and-tax debate re-ignites this fall, remember President Obama is paying for foreigners to develop their natural resources while he wants you using the bike path.

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