Monday, August 10, 2009

"Astro Turf" Democrats On Video At Florida Town Hall

Florida Leftist-Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Kathy Castor's town hall meeting last week caught attention for its level of tension and the violence outside. Newbusters has posted some video taken last week that shows what went on in the room BEFORE the meeting started. It seems members of Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's personal brownshirts, Organizing For America, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) were passing out signs and leaflets to people inside the room prior to the meeting. It is also at that point that only certain people are being allowed into the room. I'm sorry, which side of the debate does Big Media claim is being propped up by special interests?

Yes, the tone of the protesters was loud and abrasive. But, Congressman Castor chose to make a long speech of Leftist-Socialist talking points rather than listen to the people. Folks don't go to town halls to be lectured (i.e., lied to) by some arrogant legislator. They show up to be heard. Castor wants to tell people what they want and how she is going to deliver it.

For those on the Left who genuinely want to improve the tone of the debate I have a few suggestions: read the bill, don't lie about what is in the bill, and treat your constituents like intelligent individuals. You might actually learn something.

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