Thursday, August 13, 2009

Professor Carolina Heldman Denigrates Real Americans on "The O'Reilly Factor"

In the first segment of tonight's "O'Reilly Factor", Bill O'Reilly attempted to hold a discussion concerning President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's sinking popularity numbers. The guests were pollster Scott Rasmussen and Professorette Caroline Heldman from Occidental College. Rasmussen opened with an analysis of the numbers and what they may mean down the road.

Professorette Heldman's well-reasoned evaluation of Obama's approval ratings? "Those idiots out in Flyover Country are stifling democratic debate and don't know anything about health care. If they weren't so stupid they would jump aboard the O-Train. " Ok, that isn't a direct quote, but it is a pretty accurate summary of her soliloquy. However, this alleged expert in the field of political science did not even attempt to participate in a discussion of the issue at hand. Instead, she conducted a filibuster on how horrible American health care is and how socialized medicine is the answer. If possible, I will add the video later. The "expert" simply dismissed the opposition as being too ignorant to understand the issue.

Whether the Obama supporter is a media hack, a sleazy politician, or an arrogant academic the theme is the same: Real America is a cesspool of imbeciles and idiots who don't understand that they would be better served if they turned their lives over to the government. We know that members of Congress laugh at the idea of actually reading bills; I would wager that Dr. Heldman has much less familiarity with the contents of the bills floating around Congress than the housewives, contractors, and restaurant owners who are standing up for themselves.

The professorette made another statement that was totally asinine. She accused the folks who are attending town hall meetings to express their displeasure with the attempted government encroachment of suppressing democratic debate. This is one of those cases where arrogance smothers intellect. Slobbering Leftists and Obama sycophants suffer from such severe tunnel vision as they seek Utopia that they do not recognize that the protesters ARE the democracy.
They ARE the debate. Remember, Nancy Pelosi sent her flying monkeys back to their home districts to "educate" the dumb masses on the wonders on socialized medicine. They did not anticipate or welcome the idea of their constituents expressing their own ideas. And, now we are finding out just what they think of the people they represent.


  1. Excellent commentary. Equally pathetic and unbelievable was Sheila Jackson Lee's appearance with Greta Van Susteren. She basically launched an unapologetic filibuster.

  2. What was amazing about Professor Heldman on "O'Reilly" was that she jumped totally off topic to give the same old Leftist talking points about the dumb masses and the "need" for socialized medicine.

    Sheila Jackson Lee embarasses herself every time she speaks. What is even more telling is that there is a group of constituents in the Houston area that is so pathetic, ignorant, and lacking in the most basic competencies of life that keep electing this lunatic to the House. Those people are an even greater disgrace than Jackson-Lee.

  3. Yup, and sadly Heldman is a typical professor in the US. I fear for our country's future if young adult minds are being indoctrinated by people like her.