Thursday, June 25, 2009

ABC Performs As Expected: The Barack Obama Healthcare Propaganda Show

The All Barack Channel (ABC) is officially disgraced. Last night's Barack Obama did his best Billy Mays impression while lecturing the American people on the need to turn their health care decisions over to the government. The Media Research Center has analyzed who had the floor and how it was spent during the "serious discussion" of health care presented by Leftist lackeys Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson. The audience did ask a few difficult questions, but no Republicans or experts with dissenting opinions were brought on to present the other side of the argument. In other words, this was not journalism. It was Sawyer and Gibson doing to Obama what Lewinsky did to Clinton. Symbolically, of course.

The one "questioner" whose appearance summarized the tone of the ABC propaganda project was AETNA CEO Ron Williams. Here is the description of Williams' appearance on the farce:

One of the biggest points of contention opponents of government’s involvement in health care has been the threat that it would crowd out private health insurance providers by creating market forces they couldn’t compete with – or what Aetna Insurance president Ron Williams called it as part of the town hall: “introducing a new competitor that has rulemaking ability, the government would have.”

While William’s was introduced as an audience questioner he actually faced a question from Sawyer, which wound up being a populist rant critical of his industry and emphasizing the president’s claim that insurance companies need to be “kept honest.”

“If I could, I’m going to bring in Ron Williams from Aetna, CEO of Aetna, and if I can reverse the order a little bit Mr. President, I’d like to ask a question of him and then let you comment on his answer,” Sawyer said. “Mr. Williams, Aetna, to take one, an insurance company. We hear people all over the country people see their premiums going up 119 percent in the last several years. They see the profits of the insurance companies, the billions and billions of dollars, even in a lean year. They see profits in the billions of dollars. Is the President right – that you need to be kept honest?”

ABC will trumpet having a major insurance company CEO on the Obama Show as "presenting both sides." Of course, Williams did not get to ask a question and was put on the defensive with a query built on a silly premise that HE had to answer and Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama was allowed to respond to his response. Hopefully, the dumb masses will see through this media charade. Whenever a salesman gives you the runaround and tries to steer the pitch toward certain talking points, most of us know he are about to be conned. Politicians do the same thing, except that they can use force to keep you in line after you buy their wares.


  1. "Obama did his best Billy Mays impression while lecturing the American people on the need to turn their health care decisions over to the government"!!!! Are you an idiot? He repeated several times that the decisions are belong to the doctors and your health plan. Do you really have decision/control about your health care right now or is it from your health insurance? I guess you're one of those people whom always think that "right now I'm fine, every thing is good, we're number one, don't change anything, and, who care about anyone else" that is very popular with the ultra right wing NUTS. Right wing idiots (or left wing fools) are people who are crossing a two way streets but looking only in one direction (in your case the right), but thinking that they're very smart.

  2. Intelligent response, Mr. Anonymous! "Ultra right wing nuts!" "Right wing idiots!" This isn't the Democrat Underground.

    Governments do not compete. They enforce. Government will control health care through regulation. In fact, they already do to a large extent. Now, they will have their own system that will serve to eliminate competition. Then, you find yourself at 60 years-old and in need of expensive treatment for an illness. Are you a good risk at that age or can the money be better spent on younger people? Those decisions will be made by a government body. Read the bill, Anonymous.

    As for "right now," you are free to pursue any health care treatment you want. When the Democrats' full plan is implemented, it will make it illegal for doctors to work outside the system. Of course, I assume they may allow you to leave the country to seek care.

    At the end of the day it is about liberty. I know that is something Leftists like Mr. or Mrs. or Chaz Anonymous do not understand. Ironically, the same dunces who chant for the government to "get your hands off my body" when it comes to killing an unborn baby believe that people should turn their bodies over to the government for the rest of their life.

  3. Bill Mays...good one! I didn't watch it but it was the lowest rated show in that time slot. I gotta wonder if Congress is gonna read the actual bill this time. I'm particularly distressed about the bullshit whereby the unions and congress get a pass. What the heck is that about??? It's good enough for us but not Congress, and we should be taxed but not if you're in a union? Didn't Obama already pay them back for electing him? The gift that keeps on giving...