Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does Obama Care About Liberty in Iran..Or in the USA?

Well, now, the Big Cheese is getting irritated. Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama is "appalled and outraged" about the vicious government crackdown on Iranian protesters. Of course, he was careful to also say the "entire world" also shares those feelings. We wouldn't want the murderous mullahs to get the feeling the United States was expressing unilateral outrage at the murders of peaceful protesters in a totalitarian country. We can't have folks thinking we are being pushy, you know.

Maybe I expect too much. But, I would love to see President Soetero-Obama celebrate the bubbling of freedom among young Iranians. I think Obama (and most Democrats) sees the Iranian election aftermath as little more than the Bush-Gore election with more weapons. There is a huge difference. The Democrats who spent the ensuing eight years acting out their Bush Derangement Syndrome were consumed with hate that they were losing in the arena of ideas. An arena of ideas only exists in a free county. In Iran, people are demonstrating and dying to gain the liberty than we take for granted. The election in Iran was decided before the vote was held. The religious leaders have their stooge and the stooge was going to win.

Iranians know they live in a totalitarian regime and their ultimate goal is freedom. We should clearly and unequivocally support their desires. If Obama thinks he can advance American interests by selling out patriotic Iranians to pacify thuggish dictators, he is a fool. Moderate Muslims, who knew American was on their side during the Bush administration, will now question whether or not the United States supports liberty. The theocrats will learn that American is a paper tiger with a President who is more interested in world popularity than taking a stand for freedom.

Of course, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that Obama isn't taking a strong stand for liberty. There is plenty of evidence that he doesn't believe in it himself. He is attempting to intimidate certain media forms while embracing others as mouthpieces of the party line. He hopes to take away the rights of workers to freely determine whether or not they want to unionize. He hopes to take away the ability of you and your doctor to make medical decisions. He plans to put certain energy platforms out of business in favor of other untested and unreliable sources. He plans to tell you what kind of car you can drive. He is convinced that America's problems are all the result of government lacking enough oversight over your life. Never mind. I've answered my own question. I guess we will have to depend on Nicholas Sarkozy and the French to represent the future of liberty in the world. God help us.

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