Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keep David Letterman Away From Little Girls

David Letterman has issued one of the most pathetic apologies I have ever heard after Sarah and Todd Palin fired back against his crude and tasteless attack on the Palin family as a comedy bit. He joked about Palin's 14 year-old daughter getting "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez during a Yankees game. Now, I guess I don't have a sophisticated Leftist sense of humor, but making jokes about a 14 year-old getting sexually molested just seems depraved. Now, maybe Letterman spends a lot of time thinking about having sex with little girls. Where I come from, Todd Palin would be within his rights to bury his fist in the middle of Letterman's gap-teeth. Of course, I'm sure Sarah Palin could probably knock that cretin on his ass.

Of course, there has been no outcry from the media or from so-called women's rights groups. Where is NOW when a successful woman and mother and a 14 year-old girl are attacked in this base manner? Oh, that's right, NOW is a Leftist group not a women's group. The party line has been that the Palin's have no sense of humor and Letterman was just being funny.

When Letterman refers to Palin's style as a "slutty flight attendant look", the media elites and the Left guffawed and smirked. After all, he's just being funny. I seem to recall a radio funnyman named Don Imus who threw out the phrase "nappy headed ho" when talking about some women's basketball players. You would have thought he physicaly assaulted them. No amount of punishment and public shame was enough for the angry villagers. I'm sure if Imus had made an insensitive remark about a team of white girls from Liberty University it would have not caused a blip. The Left, so-called women's rights groups, and so-called advocates for civility should remember this moment the next time they get their panties in a wad.

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