Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is ABC The Official State Network Of Obama's Amerika?

Well, I guess Chris Matthews is jealous now. If anyone should get to shill for the Obama administration it should be Matthews and his tingly leg. Charlie Gibson will broadcast the ABC evening newscast from the Blue Room of the White House next Wednesday. Then, ABC "News" will spend the rest of the evening helping Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama hawk his nationalized health care scheme which will destroy the present health care system by squeezing private insurance out of business. Yep, just the kind of fair and balanced political programming we expect from the mainstream media.

ABC has rejected a Republican request to present an alternative voice to Comrade Obama's Five Year Plan for the American health care system In addition, ABC has now announced that they will not accept any paid advertising that will oppose Obama's hostile takeover of American healthcare.

ABC and the rest of the prehistoric media have debased themselves in recent years as they have become increasingly partisan. They claim they will present both sides. Riiiiigghhttt! They will present the free market side of the debate in the same way Leftists represent the Conservative side of every other issue. ABC has no credibility. If they want to be taken seriously they will allow free market advocates to present their own view of health care rather than having some Leftist airhead present the opposition's point of view.

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