Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama Newspeak: PAYGO = Watch Your Taxes Soar

Every day I'm seeing George Orwell as more of a prophet. The Newspeak of Oceania in "1984" is the language of the political class, especially the Statists who seek to overturn every vestige of the American republic to establish a government-controlled society. Now controlling the language is Big BrObama, also known as Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama.

Obama has now demanded that Congress enforce PAYGO as its guiding principle. Traditionally, PAYGO has meant pay as you go. In terms of Congress, that would mean no new spending that cannot be paid for with funds on hand. Of course, Big BrObama did put another caveat into his Newspeak version of PAYGO. He gave Congress the choice of cutting other programs OR raising taxes. Gee, I wonder which one the Pelosi-Reid Congress will choose? Of course, Obama's exceptions to the PAYGO "principle" sounded like the terms and conditions at the end of a car dealer's commercial. Or the list of side effects for the latest miracle pharmaceutical. Additionally, PAYGObama doesn't take into account the $70 trillion in unfunded entitlement commitments or the phony stimulus package or nationalized health care or alternative energy or...well, you get the message.

PAYGO in ObamaSpeak means you will PAY dearly as the size of government continues to GO skyward. Don't worry, he won't raise your income tax rate. The dumb masses might actually notice that. But, taxes on products, services and businesses will hit every individual indirectly. The "change you can believe in" will be the nickels, dimes and quarters added to the prices of everything you buy.

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