Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heritage Foundation Examines Economic Threats of Cap-And-Trade

The Democrat Cap-And-Tax scheme to save the environment by wrecking the economy is set for a Friday vote. This bill could do more damage to the United States than the Axis of Evil could perpetrate on their best day. The Heritage Foundation has published examinations of how the cap-and-trade scheme will impact:

Chemical Plants and Chemicals
Wood Products
Paper, Plastics, and Rubber
Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Do any of those industries impact your life? They all do and the taxes and regulations on these industries will double the cost of energy alone for the average American. Is that a fair trade for holding down temperatures .04 degrees? "Save the planet" makes a spiffy bumper sticker, but the realities show a phony "crisis" and a very real and steep cost.

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