Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Census Bureau Debunks Comrade Obama's "46 Million Uninsured Americans" Canard

No wonder, Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama wants his loyal fellow travelers from ACORN to run the 2010 Census project. The Census Bureau released a statement that debunked the party line claim that there are 46 million Americans. The statistic, of course, is meant to yank at everyone's heart strings while simultaneously shutting down their brain. Sounds like a big number. However, the 46 million represents a whopping 15% of the population. Now, that the Census Bureau has pointed out that nearly 10 million of that number are actually not America citizens (I bet the number is actually higher than that). That reduces the number of Americans without insurance to 36 million, which is less than 12 percent of the population. Without getting into the reasons many of the 12 percent are not insured, common sense dictates that a system that works for 88 percent of the population should probably not be eviscerated in the name of the other 12 percent.

Hopefully, Americans get over the "gimme, gimme, gimme" mindset that overwhelms their ability to ask what it is they are actually being given. Let me give you one big hint to look for. If someone is trying to sell you on buying something and you keep catching them in lies about the nature of their product, you would hopefully tell them to keep their widget. Just listen to how many lies and half-truths Chairman MaObama and his minions tell to push their plan to nationalize health care. Then ask yourself, would I buy a used car from this man?

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