Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Where Did Tim Kaine Go?": We Ordered A Governor and All We Got Was A DNC Hack

The mainstream media is agog over the bizarre behavior of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, but here is Virginia we have a governor whose actions are less Springer-esque, but more disrespectful to the state's citizens. The SWAC Girl blog addressed this story today with a link to a Roanoke Times editorial along with a press release from the Republican Party of Virginia. When Kaine became the DNC chair, it was obvious that would be his first priority. If he had any decency he would step down for the remainder of his term and drop the pretense.

In addition, Tertium Quids has posted that the DNC is NOW going to reimburse the state for Kaine's security detail while representing them and not the Old Dominion. Interestingly, Kaine was also involved with improper use of funds while on the Richmond City Council. You can count on Tim Kaine to eventually do the right thing after an investigation and public exposure.

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