Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bernie Madoff Goes To Jail; Now Let's Get The Real Crooks

Bernie Madoff is off to jail for 150 years (give or take) and deservedly so. He is a liar and a swindler who stole massive amounts of money from trusting people. He told them one thing would be done with the money while instead it was appropriated for other uses. The public outcry was deafening and he has no defenders.

Why doesn't the country apply the same outrage en masse to the Bolsheviks in the Kremlin on the Potomac? The Madoff sentencing came three days after the House approved a multi-trillion dollar "Cap-and-Trade" bill that will add thousands per year to the energy costs of every American. Every product and service that requires energy will endure greater costs, so those businesses will be forced to raise their prices. A 1,200 page bill that no one read with an additional 300 pages dropped in at 3:00am the day of the vote. While reading this post you are committing a criminal act: breathing. As their leader Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama said of the bill, they are going after the polluters. Never mind that the air and water are much cleaner than 40 years ago and that American industry has done a lot to cut down on pollutants, Der Fuhrer is declaring war on polluters. You know, truck drivers, farmers, factories, etc. Now do you get why American factories often relocate overseas? Individual costs will soar and jobs will disappear.

It is time for the American sheeple to get over their collective case of recto-cranial inversion. Why would anyone be personally angry at Bernie Madoff unless they were one of the investors? Whether you want to or not, your are now on the hook for banks and car companies. You are responsible for over a trillion dollars worth of stimulus that is nothing but special-interest pork. Your personal energy costs will soar. Your ability to sell your house will be greatly compromised. These special interest puppets have driven more nails into the future of American industry and will send more jobs overseas. Soon, they will take your health care decisions away from you and your doctor and give them to a government oversight board. Bernie Madoff is a crook, Michael Jackson was weird, Kate Gosselin is an uber-witch and Mark Sanford is a hillbilly horndog, but none of them are going to raise your taxes or impact your standard of living. Huddled together in the U.S. Capitol are people who are working to sell you out for their temporary political and personal gain. Time to get a little angry out in Flyover Country.

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