Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Kills Fly; Media Swoons; PETA Outraged

The adulation of Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama reached its most bizarre level on Wednesday when The One executed a live fly during an interview. Yes, he killed a fly. I hear he is sending the fly to a taxidermist where he has already taken the U.S. economy and the Constitution to be stuffed and mounted in the Oval Office.

When I first heard a radio newscast report the ninja-like feat of The One, my eyes did a 360 roll inside my head. But, the story kept being reported. This morning all the morning shows continued to report with fascination the story of the man who swatted a fly. Newsbusters posted a funny, but pathetic piece about this.

When the fly story hit the airwaves, I joked to someone that the animal rights loons would be apoplectic. In my mind I was thinking of it as a funny "Saturday Night Live" bit, but PETA never disappoints when it comes to the utterly asinine. They actually DID release a statement condemning Obama's unfortunate choice to murder a fly. In fact, the PETA clowns actually sent the President a fly-catching kit in case he someday encounters another flying insect.

Yesterday, I executed two flies in my kitchen with my barehand. Maybe I should have filmed the carnage for YouTube. How surreal is this? Man kills fly--media celebrates his skill and dexterity--animal rights nutburgers speak out. Strange days indeed.

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