Saturday, June 20, 2009

Olive Garden Pulls David Letterman Ads; Letterman Is Not The Problem

I can't believe I am writing another post about gap-toothed, former comedian David Letterman. The bitter once-funny late night joke reader went way over the line in what has become a highly-partisan stand-up routine when it comes to political figures. In May, I wrote about Jay Leno's final show and praised his willingness to poke all comers with biting, but fair humor. Letterman is too much a partisan hack to be Leno or Johnny Carson and too old and musty to be Conan O'Brien or Craig Ferguson. He is like a baseball player who can't catch up with the fastball anymore, but who won't retire gracefully.

OK, I'm done with Letterman. He has received more than enough negative press for his idiotic AND planned attacks on the Palin family. But, remember, at the end of the day he is simply a comic (or ex-comic). He is not the ultimate villain in this story.

Groups are pushing for boycotts of Letterman's show and his sponsors. In fact, Olive Garden has pulled ads from the show though they claim it was simply the end of their contract. We don't need another public witch hunt after an individual says something stupid. It was wrong with Don Imus and its wrong with David Letterman. Free speech should be treasured. And, if you are not willing to allow speech with which you disagree YOU do not believe in free speech.

The public ire for Lettermangate goes way beyond a simple-minded doofus who hosts a ratings albatross. The disgrace of this situation is the way it was handled by the Mainstream Media. The words and actions were a no-brainer. They were disgraceful and beyond the pale. The way in which half-wit teleprompter readers like Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Harry Smith and the Obama Glee Club over at MSNBC treated the hateful comments demonstrated that this is about an institutional problem in the entertainment-media complex. Across the spectrum of so-called Mainstream Media outlets, Leftwing sycophants took the side of the man who joked about a 14 year-old girl being raped and her Mom, the governor of Alaska, being a slut.

In their minds, Palin has it coming. After all, what has she done? She is just an athlete, beauty queen, business owner, regulatory commissioner, mayor, governor and vice-presidential candidate while being a hunter, a wife and mother to five children. Yeah, what a horrible woman! Oh, that's right, she is a Conservative, so that does make her evil in the soulless eyes of the Left. Do you get the feeling that Katie Couric may be just a tad jealous of Palin? Do you think that is why that little troll is still taking shots? After all, Palin has never taken the once-undisputed king of network news and driven the ratings down to the point where they are losing to Animal Planet.

The Leftist psychosis goes deeper. Palin is one of us. Outside of the uber-successful accomplishments, Sarah Palin's lifestyle and values are very much like the American middle class. The media elites' hatred for Palin is consistent with their hatred of the middle class. They dislike Wal-Mart, NASCAR, country music, guns, religion, home schooling, talk radio, family, tradition, federalism, the Constitution, and liberty with a special level of enmity for women or minorities who are drawn to traditional values.

Sarah and Todd Palin and their family are role models for many Americans. I don't necessarily agree that she is Conservatism's future as some do, but there is no doubt she resonates with Real America and they see her as the embodiment of the American Dream. The power of the Palin story and the Palin brand was evident in the media reaction to Letterman's trashy comments. They treated her as an enemy of the state who deserved no respect. Letterman is not the villain.

The greater threat inherent in this episode is the total absence of objectivity in the reasoning of so-called journalists. They don't investigate and weight evidence to provide accurate information to their readers or viewers. Today, they start with an outcome in mind and work backwards. For the Statist media, the was easy. Palin is not one of them. She is regular folk. You know, the rabble. In a two-party issue, with Palin being one of the parties, she had to be the loser. It was just a matter of justifying everything else.

So, forget about Letterman. He will crawl back in his hole and continue getting thumped by Conan O'Brien on a nightly basis. Focus on the real enemy and, yes, I do mean enemy. The Constitution acknowledged a free press with the idea that they would see themselves as an independent body that would inform the people when the government got out of line. Today, the press is at least eighty percent populated with Leftist ideologues who share the same goals as Statist politicians and use their powerful positions to shape public opinion. If people are moved to write letters and boycott, aim for the heart of the beast. Go after the networks and programs that act as a propaganda machine for the Democrat party.

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