Friday, June 19, 2009

Roanoke Tax Day Tea Party Pictures: Join The Independence Day Tea Party on July 4

Independence Day is just 2 weeks away! Once again, Tea Parties will be popping up all across America as modern-day Patriots celebrate the ideas and principles that formed this great nation and gather to remind our elected officials that not all of the people are sheeple. The citizens who came out to the April 15 rally were very imaginative. Most held homemade signs with firm and direct messages. This guy was right. Congress and their actions, along with President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama, have fed the grass roots.

While many have adopted the Taxed Enough Already acronym for the modern-day Tea Parties, signs showed that the citizens see a number of problems with the current state of affairs in D.C. The Roanoke Area Fair Tax organization had a very prominent presence. Others advocated the Constitution, national security, limited government and term limits.

Yes, folks, 2010 is not that far away. I think many in the mushy middle and the "moderate" Republicans now understand how far to the Left the Democrat party has lurched. Here in Virginia, it starts with the 2009 statewide elections. In 2010, it will be time to hold House members to account. On July 4, let's party like it's 1773!

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