Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liberals' Self-Serving Myths

John Hawkins has a great piece on Townhall.com about the delusional Left and the self-serving labels they bestow upon themselves. There are some great links within the column. Some of the Left's fantasies include:

  • Liberals are pro-women - This is true as long as they are fellow Leftists. The recent attacks on people such as Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Elizabeth Hasselback and Michelle Bachman, just to name a few, demonstrate that the so-called "feminists" are just ward bosses for the Democrat party whose job it is to deliver female votes. One of the least discussed dichotomies in electoral demographics is the difference between single women and married women. Married women tend to see their families as a self-sufficient unit that doesn't need the government making decisions. Single women tend to vote Democrat, hoping that government acts as their protector and defender. "You've come a long way, baby?" Yeah, right
  • Liberals look out for black Americans - Laughable. Despite the fact that Republicans voted for civil rights legislation at a much higher percentage than Democrats, the Left has cultivated the notion that they are the only thing preventing Republicans from repealing the 13th Amendment. Of course, the Left's treatment of Black Conservatives is nothing but vicious. Race is used a cudgel to advance other political agendas. The Duke lacrosse players vs. psychotic lying skank case should have been a turning point. Young men were vilified for being upper middle class, white, and male. Those factors made them guilty. The facts proved otherwise. Were apologies forthcoming from the quislings on the Duke faculty who took out a full page ad condemning the players? NO! Did Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton apologize for trying to gin up racial tensions in the Durham area and across the country? Of course not! The Left "looks out" for Black America by telling them Conservatives are out to string them up and that their only hope for success in America is to depend on Democrats.
  • Liberals are compassionate - If I promise to donate all of John Kerry's and Ted Kennedy's wealth to charity, can I be officially compassionate? The Left has perverted the term "compassion" to mean growing the government. It's a great scam. Individuals do not have to sacrifice anything of themselves. They just vote for a Democrat and sit back smugly and believe they are saving the world. Arthur Brooks' "Who Really Cares" is a great analysis of American charity; and it ain't good news for the Left.
  • Liberals are intellectuals - Uh huh. That may work if you accept advanced degrees as the true sign of intellect. Terminal degrees typically mean a person has spent a long time studying a very narrow body of knowledge. Look, I will gladly go toe-to-toe with a doctor of Aboriginal Poetry when it comes to the United States Constitution. While a huge percentage of the advanced degree crowd vote Democrat, the "no high school diploma" demographic is also much more likely to support Democrats. So, maybe we can assume wisdom in relation to education operates on a bell curve where after a certain point the returns on investment diminish.
  • Liberals are tolerant - Let's see, people who believe marriage is a union of a man and a woman are now bigots. People who reject the junk science of global warming are compared to Holocaust deniers. People who vote against Barack Obama are branded as racists. Talk radio needs to be shut down because Leftists cannot compete in a free market of ideas. Spend an evening with MSNBC's line-up of Moonbats and spend the next evening watching the FOX News lineup. Decide which one is more issues oriented and which is a ceaseless run of ad hominem attacks and intolerance. Then, buy yourself an ice cream cone to reward yourself for wasting a night on Mathews, Olberman and Maddow.

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