Sunday, June 21, 2009

Juan Williams Scolds The Mainstream Media For Their Obama Worship

Juan Williams is a class act. On Friday evening, Williams gave this brief mention of the networks' cozy relationship with Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama. Juan Williams is as liberal as they come. However, he does not let his political ideology interfere with his objectivity (meaning he would be unqualified to be a network news anchor). As irritated as I was with the Obamanation on election night, I was actually moved by Williams' very real and heartfelt tears. They were not the result of the silly celebrity mania that was the core of the Obama campaign. Williams was clearly caught up in the pride of the moment as a symbol of the incredible victories of the Civil Rights movement in America. Nice to see there is some intellectual honesty on the Left.


  1. After watching those tears flow I can't help but referring to him as Waa Waa Juan everytime I hear him speak.

  2. I give Juan a little leeway on it because he is a fairminded Democrat who is capable of intellectual honesty. That was about the only moment of the whole event that I found poignant at all. Now, as for Je$$e Jackson's tears, I bet someone was squirting Vidalia onion juice in his eye.