Monday, June 22, 2009

Meghan McCain, Please Stop Embarassing Yourself and the Republican Party

Meghan McCain made a ridiculously embarassing appearance on Bill Maher's 3-on-1 political attack show. Suffice it to say, she came off as an airhead. How pathetic was it? Even Maher and sleazy Leftist cretin Paul Begala seemed embarassed at the baby seal clubbing they were conducting. Not that it stopped Begala from slamming the poor girl.

The last time I saw her on television was after Laura Ingraham attacked her full-figure. If you've ever heard Ingraham she believes everyone should be able to swim inside a garden hose, but that is her prerogative. Still, it was mean-spirited and something she should avoid since she has also so often fought back (rightly so) against unfair and sexist attacks on Republican women by the Left. Laura should understand that a lot of the fellas are on the same page with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Issues should be focused on ideas, rather than rail-thin or pleasantly plump body types.

However, Meghan McCain's mind and rhetorical abilities are a completely different story. She is clueless. First, she is one of these squishy so-called Moderates who believe that the key to the Republicans' future is to behave more like Democrats. I know she loves her Dad, but he lost. His version of Conservatism lost. Second, she cannot make an argument. She sounds like a silly high school girl trying to make an argument in a general level government class. There is no substance, but a lot of "likes" and "you knows." Third, if she cannot articulate her own beliefs and analyses, what makes her think she can go into the belly of the beast and do anything but look like Kelly Bundy on "The McLaughlin Group?" Maher has a formula: three libs shout insults and draw asinine conclusions at the expense of a pseudo-Republican dunce or a tightly-wound humorless Conservative who wilts under the barrage of one-liners from comics posing as social commentarians.

I'm sure Meghan McCain is a sweet girl. She became a public figure defending her Dad from the unfair attacks of Saul Alinsky-devotee Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama and his public relations front formerly known as the Mainstream Media. However, she is clearly not knowledgeable and not quick. She sees herself as the bridge across the aisle. Isn't that what Obama claimed to be? That is, before he became President and told the Republicans to sit down and shut up because he won. The whole "bipartisanship" claptrap is nothing but Lucy Van Pelt with the football. Megan McCain wants to be the newest Charlie Brown.

My suggestion? Read. Study. Learn. If she believes big government is the future, then she should defect to the Democrats as her Dad has done half the time over the last decade. Remember how he made a big deal of his bipartisan efforts during the campaign? The Mainstream Media treated him real well, huh? His campaign should have been the final evidence that Conservatives need to use the Jimmy Malone ("The Untouchables") approach rather than the Barney the Dinosaur method. Democrats don't fight fair, so Conservatives must decide if they want to be pure or if they want to save the republic from the Leftist assault.

If she really wants to be taken seriously as a Conservative, then she needs to learn what the word means and develop her thoughts and ideas. Until you develop your skills, don't try to fight in the Leftist arena; they don't play fair and you will do more harm than good.

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