Friday, June 26, 2009

Congress Votes Yes on "Middle Finger to Middle America Act" (i.e. Waxman-Markey Cap and Tax)

Well, arrogance, greed and political payoffs again trumped the best interests of the American people once again. The House of Representatives passed the largest tax increase in American history via a so-called "energy and security" bill. The game isn't over as the Senate still must deal with the bill and it is not a slam dunk there either. Then, even if it passes the Senate, a conference bill will have be brokered and passed. So, the fight is still on. Tonight's defeat of the American citizen is not final. We can still win this fight for our future and must not give in.

Nasty Pelosi and her minions clearly do not give a flip about the well-being of the nation. They have embraced dubious "science" and the desires of eco-radicals and alternative energy entrepreneurs who just happen to be major Democrat contributors. It is certainly a safe feeling to invest in a venture when members of Congress are eager and willing to game the system to destroy the competition. Say hello to massive increases in gas and home energy prices if this bill becomes law. Estimates range from $2,000-$3,500 per family for the costs of this assault on the American taxpayer.

By the way, what happened to the fair, transparent and bipartisan Congress that Nasty Pelosi promised? At 3:00am this morning, Demoncats dumped over 300 pages into the bill. Bill author Henry Waxman had already admitted that he had not read the entire bill and that was before the Dems gave new meaning to the term "morning dump." Once again, Leftist special interests wrote a bill for their political concubines in Washington to dutifully pass.

The fight is just beginning. The Waxman-Markey Middle Finger to Middle America Bill still has to go through the Senate and conference. We have nationalized health care to fight and now is the time to seize control after Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's stuttering and babbling performance as ABC's Sham-Wow guy in their Wednesday infomercial. There will be other issues of interest as the Left wants to use "crises" and perceived "crises" to advance a far Left agenda that Americans would never pass in the light of day.

Keep calling your Representatives on these issues. Call your Senators. Write the newspapers. Talk to your neighbors even if you think they vote Democrat. Most people I know who vote Democrat do so out of ignorance rather than some rabid devotion to destroying the America our forefathers spent centuries building. Arm yourself with facts. Arm your friends with knowledge. Let them know how this will impact their lives if signed into law. Then tell them to act!

A special note to Blacks, Hispanics, single women, union members, educators, homosexuals and others who slavishly endorse Democrats because of identity politics. This will cost you the same $2,000-$3,500 a year it will cost Republicans. This attack on liberty and freedom will impact you. Now might be a good time to think about how high taxes and loss of liberty actually helps your identity group. You might just find that the people you have championed are about to seriously damage the future of you and your children. When you were chanting "yes we can," did you realize the question being asked was "can we dramatically raise your taxes?" Stop chanting and start thinking.

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