Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeremiah Wright Created The Climate For The Holocaust Museum Murder

Slobbering Chris Matthews has hit a new low with the vicious discussion he facilitated with Salon editor Joan Walsh on tonight's "Hardball." In discussing the tragic murder that took place at the U.S. Holocaust Museum on Wednesday, Walsh stated:

There is a very disturbing and disturbed element of political discourse. And I would, I would throw in Rush Limbaugh. Not blaming him, but when you say that our President is more dangerous than al-Qaeda you've gone off into crazy nut job land. You are off the charts crazy. And you are, you are whipping people up.

Now, mind you, this geriatric psychopath did not try to assassinate the President and was an avowed anti-Semite. But, this airhead wants to blame talk radio for the murder? Think about that non-sequitor. Limbaugh talks about how dangerous Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's policies are, so this wrinkled loon decides to kill some people inside the Holocaust Museum. Yeah, that's the sort of journalistic logic we expect from the Left.

The exchange with Chrissy Matthews began...

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Joan Walsh this is a political action today by a far right extremist. I just wonder what's in the water, what's in the air as we speak?

JOAN WALSH, SALON: Well I wonder too, especially in the wake of the murder of Dr. George Tiller who performed abortions, another, another really unhinged right wing nut job. And, and I want to be very careful here Chris. The only people responsible are the people who pulled the triggers. Unless we find out that these guys had help, that may be a different story. But from what we know now the people responsible are the killers. However I don't think you can deny that there is a rising climate of right wing hate, a lot of it directed at Obama.

Antisemitism is generally associated with Nazism which was a LEFTIST
movement. Sorry, Chrissy and Joan, you can have your own opinions but not your own facts. While it would be convenient to move the fascist, socialist and communist movements' superstars to the right side of the spectrum, they ran Leftist programs.
Predictably, these two Obamatrons posing as journalists immediately linked the murder of George Tiller to this tragedy. And, of course, both happened because Conservative voices have not joined the Obama religion. "Right wing hate?" Did these nitwits ever use the term "left wing hate" to describe the vicious daily attacks that George W. Bush endured? "Right wing hate" is Moonbat for disagreeing with Leftist dogma.

Walsh:You and I go way back to the beginning of the campaign and the level of craziness. He's a secret Muslim. He hates America. He wasn't born here. Now this guy, Von Brunn, he's, he, he was one of the birthers. He didn't believe in Obama's birth certificate and he was constantly online agitating about that.

Hmmmm. Well, Obama worked hard to deny his Muslim heritage during the campaign, but last week he made a huge deal of his Islamic upbringing. I don't know if he hates America, but no American President has ever spent so much time traversing the world highlighting America's flaws without extolling its virtues. As for the birth certificate thing, he could solve this very easily if he offered up his, well, birth certificate. It seems members of his own family have different recollections. Should be simple to resolve, shouldn't it?

Later, Chrissy Matthews was setting up a question for USA Today reporter Susan Page

Matthews: This thing here where you have a person who claims to be or is actually anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-Catholic, I guess on the periphery, which is the big three of the KKK historically. What do we do with this? Are we gonna hear from conservatives who are gonna start saying, "Well let's stop some of this black helicopter talk. Let's stop this villainization of the government, of the establishment." Which way do you think the tone of the debate is gonna go now?

Does Matthews realize that the KKK was an arm of the Democrat Party when it was strong? It is Chrissy Matthews who sees "black helicopters" when he attempts to brand Conservatives as brothers-in-arms with nut jobs who commit murder. How does this sputtering fool make the leap from criticizing the government to killing people in a museum? Nice try, you opportunistic Leftist hack! It would be convenient for Statists like Matthews to use a senseless killing to silence those who believe in limited government, federalism and separation of powers.

I do find it particularly interesting that American Leftists want to make anti-Semitism a rightwing phenomenon. But, isn't it the Republican party and Conservatives who are most likely to support Israel? Last week, Obama was drawing moral equivalencies between Israel and the animals who seek to drive our ally into the sea. That has been the stand of the Democrat party for years. They have tried to elevate the status of terrorist organizations who wish to exterminate Israel.

Additionally, today Obama's spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright stated "them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me" in explaining why he is not in contact with the President. I have never heard Rush Limbaugh attack Israel or the Jewish people. However, I'm sure the members of the Trinity United Church of Christ have heard all about the evils of Jews through Pastor Wright and their partnership with Louis Farrakhan. I wonder why Joan Walsh and Chrissy Matthews aren't concerned about antisemitism from their messianic leader and his spiritual advisers.

And, on the subject of speech leading to action, why hasn't the media examined the role of Democrats in the murder of Private William Long? He was killed by an American Muslim convert as part of jihad. Have they examined the role of candidate Obama's words about American soldiers as invaders? Have they accused John Murtha of inciting murder through his discredited public conviction of soldiers for war crimes? Have they looked into John Kerry's claims about American soldiers terrorizing Iraqi citizens in the dark of night? It seems to me the American Left and the Democrat Party has helped incite jihadists though their politically motivated attacks on the military over the last six years.

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