Monday, June 15, 2009

Roanoke Tea Party Independence Day Party...The Patriots Are NOT Going Away

April 15, 2009 is almost as infamous as December 7, 1941 in the eyes of Leftists and Statists in America. The Tax Day Tea Parties that occurred in small towns and big cities from sea to shining sea demonstrated that a significant number of Americans are fed up with the growing behemoth we call the federal government. Instead of millions of lone Steve McQueens watching the Blob absorb everything in its path, individual Patriots across the country came together to make a statement. Some spoke, some held signs, some sang, some networked, some advocated related side causes, some just stood there and basked in the solidarity of like-minded citizens. Now, that is change I can believe in.

The mainstream media, of course, attacked the average Joe and Jane American who made their personal statement for the Constitution, limited government, and traditional values. I'm sure in their personal circles, their peers would never be seen consorting with the rabble. But, the viciousness of the coverage made it clear the message was heard loud and clear.

What have folks been doing since then? I hope that Congressmen are receiving more letters. I hope that, in Virginia and other states with 2009 elections, citizens are looking at this November as the beginning of the rollback of the Leftist agenda. I hope that people are reading more from current voices in the Conservative movement and from the great voices of the past like Edmund Burke, Alexis de Tocqueville, Thomas Jefferson and John Locke. People should be dusting off their handy dandy copies of the U.S. Constitution and reminding themselves that it is a simple document. It only becomes complicated in the hands of rogues who wish to subvert it.

It is almost time to convene again. July 4 will again be Independence Day! Instead of just going through the motions of cookouts, waving flags, setting off fireworks and watching ballgames (all of which I support and advocate as well), Roanoke's Elmwood Park will be host to another Patriot rally. From 5:00-7:00pm, Virginians (out-of-staters are welcome, too) will gather to make another statement about the nature of liberty. What better time than Independence Day to recall the principles advocated by our Founders and ignored by generations of power-drunk politicians.

Mark your calendar for July 4. Check out the Roanoke Tea Party Independence Day Rally on Facebook. Similar rallies will be happening around the country. There are no litmus tests. We won't agree with each other on 100% of the issues of the day. But, if you believe that government's job is to protect liberty and not run your life, this is a rally for you.

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